Apologies to survivors of Shambhala sexual misconduct
Overview of the history of generational abuse in Shambhala starting with trungpa to mipham
Sexual assaults in Shambhala
A very brave personal account of sexual assault and lack of support in shambhala.
Weak forced apologies only after the fact.
From the article:  "Smith’s then-girlfriend also told police she heard Smith talking to several other men at a retreat where they discussed how “unfair” it was that laws prevented them from having sex with people younger than 18."
“I heard character witnesses say they knew and didn’t do anything,” she said. “I was a child, and the adults around me failed.”
A group of people who grew up as children to trungpa's original followers publish a deeply problematic submissive plea
A similarly problematic "resigning" of "senior teachers" called "acharyas" publishing a letter.  Important commentary from survivors in the reddit thread
A schism developing between "sakyong" and "Lady Diana" (trungpa's widow) developing.
Commentary on reddit.
Larimer Country Shambhala Investigation, Public Release - Sexual Assault
Reddit discussion of the above report:
Shambhala legal ownership and control structure.  All roads lead to Osel Mukpo "Sakyong".
Shambhala's inner circle professes "Shambhala’s articles of incorporation, which state that the purpose of the organization is to support and facilitate the teachings of the Sakyong lineage of Shambhala under the leadership of the Sakyong."
Shambhala trained meditation instructor renouncing the rape culture they endured
Student group to Shambhala Mountain Center experience sexual harrassment and minimizing.  Commentary on this report,
Code of Conduct Process Team member lends support to man encouraging acceptance of "romantic relationships" between men and boys.
First hand recollections of what it was like to grow up in Shambhala and experience Shambhala Mountain Center and other Shambhala Land Centers.

Another brave sharing of abuse growing up in Shambhala
Two women authors discuss their novel based on troubling experiences growing up in Shambhala
In depth review of Tibetan Buddhism in the West
A critical look at the history of Tibetan Buddhist theocracy in Tibet.
Shambhala sold an apartment complex that was bought with community funds and evicted 40 residents to cover the losses incurred by the "sakyong's" sexual assaults loss of memberships.  Though owning multiple million dollar properties, "sakyong" hasn't covered anything for the financial harm.
Overview of Project Sunshine, an independent investigation into abuses in Shambhala
Pema Chodron resigns as a Shambhala Acharya due to lack of action.  Background on Pema's enabling and bystanding.
Sakyong's personal staff share the abuses they endured
Naropa university has a problematic history
trungpa's butler shares their experiences together.  See page 60 for animal abuse
trungpa supports public floggings and hundred year imprisonment.  Excerpt from Vajradhatu's Court Vision and Practice.  Also the cutting off of thumbs,
trungpa discusses the "Rape Principle" at the 1983 Vajrayogini Talks.  More rape culture from trungpa:
trungpa has his followers assault a couple
A critical review of trungpa's history
trungpa's much vaunted history of being an Oxford student called into question.
trungpa describes as the sexual desire ideal as a 16 year old girl
trunpga's teaching on drinking
Ex Shambhala Vajrayana students share disturbing sexual visualizations taught by abusers
A Tibetan Buddhist Nun documents sexual assaults in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries
A previous documenting of Shambhala abuses and institutional response over a timeline.  Last entry as of 2019-03-19
Another summary of articles detailing the crisis in Shambhala
Another another summary of Shambhala International related links and news articles, maintained by a Shambhala member.
A good discussion of how to cope with learning through an abusive spiritual group.  Also contains a listing of abusive yoga and buddhist organizations.
Public discussion of Shambhala International and its history
Contains links to download the Wickwire Holm report and three reports from An Olive Branch, and past community announcements
Provides analysis of Shambhala, use Shambhala or other key words in the searchögyam_Trungpa
Read of trungpa's death via alcoholism and the incident of trungpa ordering his personal guard to strip naked a couple against their will.
Tricycle article from 1990 centering on tom rich spreading AIDS to students and trungpa's troubled past
Nancy Steinbeck quotes from her book describing tom rich's, trungpa's chosen successor, rape and abuse.
Another account of tom rich's clerical sexual abuse this time with an impact towards suicide for the victim.
Independent journalist for Harper's Magazine takes a deep dive into Chogyam Trungpa's group in 1979
Project sunshine, Carol Merchasin's review of survivor experiences is hard but essential reading
Transcript of teleconference for leadership following survivor testimonials of "sakyong's" abuses.  In it there are admissions of knowingly hiding the "sakyong's" abusive history and behavior from membership and students taking oaths to him.
Think Progress's reporting on Shambhala
Interim board for Shambhala International.  Contains links to previous announcements to the community.
Process Team tasked with creating processes for improving Shambhala Interational.  Contains links to Steering Committee updates, Working Group updates and announcements to the community.
Trigger warning.  A review of Tibetan Buddhism tantric sex practices with ages between 8 and 40.
Large tantric sexual statues inside the Shambhala Stupa:
Karen Rain and Jubilee Cooke's excellent article on how organisations should respond to sexual abuse.  Karen Rain discusses problematic reporting and language around sexual assualt.
An open letter on abuse in Dharma Ocean, group led by former trungpa student and Shambhala Acharya, Reggie Ray's.  Analysis of Reggie Ray's manipulative "apology":
Analysis of Reggie Ray's trauma bond with trungpa:
A site compiling resources to support those leaving dharma ocean.
Links to abuses across Tibetan Buddhism
Cut the lineage here, now. No matter how wise they might sound, do not quote abusers or teachers who were once their students unless that person has made a public statement denouncing their teacher’s abuse and vowing not to continue it. To stop lineages of abuse from taking deeper root in the West, we have to stop seeing having Trungpa as a teacher as some kind of respected qualification.
Jessica Bizub has resigned as center director of Milwaukee. She has just made public her letter to the IB from earlier this year.
A criticism of unengaged passive individualistic privileged buddhist practice
Silencing and Oblivion of Psychological Trauma, Its Unconscious Aspects, and Their Impact on the Inflation of Vajrayāna. An Analysis of Cross-Group Dynamics and Recent Developments in Buddhist Groups Based on Qualitative Data, by Anne Iris Miriam Anders
"Sakyong"'s central non-profit tax exempt "charity", the "Sakyong Potrang".
Some shambhala demographics, largely only appealing to the older generation, not appealing to the younger generation:
Age: The responses to this survey suggest that we are an ageing community. Over 90% of respondents are over 40; 60% of members (and 55% of all respondents) are over 60. Youth are barely represented here: hardly any respondents are under 25, and fewer than 10% are under 40. (see Table 1.3.)
Size of Shambhala membership as of 2019-05